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Which Are the Best Cars for Young Drivers

The rate of accidents caused by young people is higher than the one of middle age drivers, therefore, young people should be very careful when they choose their car, especially if they are novice drivers. In order to keep them satisfied and safe while driving, here are some tips on how to choose the best cars for young drivers.
Choosing the first car for young people is problematic because you have to take into account the lack of experience and their boasting need. When looking for a car, young people consider the engine’s power, the size of the car, the equipments available for a specific model and not least, the price.

Young drivers want powerful cars

More than a useful item, young people see their car as a personal asset that has the power to make them feel proud and confident, therefore they tend to choose impressive cars rather than reliable and easy to maintain models. This is one reason for which young people prefer powerful engines under the hood, many horse powers to guide them on the roads, even though these types aren’t always the best decision. Models like Subaru, Mazda or Audi are among the favorites cars for your drivers.

Comfort and luxury are important

Nowadays cars have many features and equipment that make drivers feel comfortable. Totally equipped cars that provide drivers with latest technology options are highly sought by young drivers that put a big price on luxury. Limousines such as Mercedes A180 or Audi A6 offer leather interiors, navigation systems, sports equipment and futuristic finishes for picky drivers.

Small cars are very appreciated

Young and novice drivers look for cars that are easy to drive and don’t cause trouble in parking and sneak through traffic. Unlike big and heavy to handle SUVs, small, coupe or convertible cars such as Opel Corsa, Citroen C1 or Volkswagen Eos are one of the best cars for young drivers, especially delicate women that want to handle their cars very easy.

Price is important for young drivers

If we are not talking about a gift from rich parents, most young drivers look for cheap and easy to maintain cars that will not throw off their budget. Older cars or models with fewer features such as Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain for young people who do not count on large amounts of money.

Safety is vital

Regardless the model or the price, the best cars for young drivers are the ones that provide safety. A large number of airbags, a strong chassis and wheelbase and stable traction assure safety and convenience in driving, therefore, you must spare no effort when you analyze the safety of a car.

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