What to Look for in an Electric Shaver for Men

Giving the fact that most men prefer to style their beard in a trendy way, an electric shaver for men should integrate many effective features that could provide the best grooming experience. There are numerous models available on the market. Before you start researching the best rated electric shaver for men, you must first decide on the type of shaver that you want. If you are thinking to buy such a device, we advise you to opt for a product that can also help you style your sideburns and goatee, so you should focus on a razor that integrates a hair trimmer. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between foil and rotary electric razors, but there are certain aspects that you need to consider before deciding on a certain model.

Rotary electric shavers

Based on many accurate reviews, rotary shavers are recommended for men who don’t like to shave constantly, and for those who have thick and long hairs. Furthermore, this type of device integrates three heads that can move independently, which is perfect for men who have hairs that grow in different directions. Rotary machines can adapt to any face contour, which means that they can easily remove facial hair from the neck, jawline and chin area. Still, according to many customers, rotary shavers don’t provide the closest shave, which means that they are more suitable for people who prefer the short boxed beard style.

Foil electric shavers

The best electric shaver for men should have the capacity to provide the closest shave, and if you want to obtain the same results that a regular razor can deliver, you should opt for a foil electric shaver. This type of shaver is indicated for men who have fine, straight facial hair and need to shave every day. Furthermore, a foil razor offers more precision, which means that it can be used for styling a goatee or mustache without worrying about any bad results. However, if you want to create a special beard design, we suggest you opt for an electric shaver for men that includes a trimmer. There are persons who trim their facial hair to soften the contour of their face, but you can also style your beard in order to express a certain attitude and personality.

Fashionable beard styles

The unshaven look is very popular these days, and it represents one of the biggest trends in Hollywood. This style is also known as the three-day beard style, and it is adopted by men who want to look more mature than they actually are. Usually, this style is recommended for persons with childish face features, or for those who have a round face shape. The chinstrap on the other side is recommended for men who have a long face shape and want to balance their features. This style is simple to create, as all you have to do is let your beard grow for a couple of days, and shape the desired chinstrap using a hair trimmer. We advise you to start from the sideburns and carve towards the chin.

Electric shavers make for the best gift ideas for men since all men could use such a device. However, it is best if men buy their own shavers since they understand their needs better. Nevertheless, a man can also buy a shaver for another man, as a gift for their father for example. There is no question about it that an electric shaver would make for one of the most practical fathers day gifts. Nevertheless, if you plan on getting the shaver as a gift, make sure it suits your father’s needs.

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