What to Consider when Buying a Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are a way to make your house more comfortable as they allow you to handle them remotely whether you are at home or not. Their functionality is influenced by a series of aspects that you have to take into consideration if you want your device to meet all your needs. Discover below which are the aspects to consider when buying a smart door lock.

Consider the brand

One detail that can influence the performance of your smart door lock is the manufacturer that has designed it because some of them are more reliable and perfected in designing door locks. A good manufacturer will not only offer a better product but will also stand behind it and provide you with a generous warranty and a good customer service.

Compare the features

In order to see which smart door lock has the most advanced security features, it would be wise to read the latest smart door locks reviews. This way, you can also determine which smart lock offers the best features for the smallest price.

Look at the price

Before deciding on a smart door lock, decide how much you are willing to spend on it so you will know your range of interest. There are models that cost a few hundreds of dollars and others that exceed a thousand and the price depends on the features and the brand. Make a comparison between the models you are interested in to see what one offers than the other doesn’t so you will see if the price is worth it.

Check the type of connectivity

Smart door locks work on three different protocols namely Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or a wireless internet connection. The first one only offers access withing a limited parameter, the second one requires a separate hub to control it through your smartphone while the last one is the most convenient that provides remote access from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection.

Analyze the ease of installation

The last thing you would want is to tear your door apart to have the smart door lock installed so this is an aspect that should really matter. The best smart locks only require you to remove some bolts and drill some holes and they will be ready to install. The setup is also important and it adds to the convenience and ease of use of your new smart door lock.

Look for a home automation option

The latest smart door locks offer the option to connect them to a special hub that will make them part of home automation. This will offer you more options regarding comfort like allowing you to turn the lights on and off when you open or close the door or to use voice commands from your smartphone. Although these features cost more, you might want to have them in the future.

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