What Causes Ischemic Heart Disease

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is the fact that nowadays, you can find free medical advice online. While a lot of people misuse this access to information by searching for ways to treat themselves, it should actually be used in order to find out what causes certain diseases, as a simple visit to the doctor won’t solve your dilemmas. Doctors are always in a hurry as they have numerous patients to consult, and they can tell you all the causes of certain illnesses. In without knowing the exact causes of a medical, condition, it can be hard to treat it. This is where free medical advice online comes in handy. The ischemic heart disease is a dangerous disease because it can affect your heart and it can even represent a threat for your life. Whoever has an ischemic heart is more predisposed to heart attacks. This disease is also called coronary artery disease because it affects the coronary arteries which are the ones who nourish the heart. Our heart is one of the most important organs that we have, that’s why we must take care of it on a daily basis. The best way how we can do that is to make sure we have a healthy lifestyle so we don’t pay daily attention to our health.  Let’s take a look at what causes the ischemic heart disease.


If you smoke you increase the risk of having blood clots. Also the risk of developing a heart disease increases by 24%. You may ask yourself why is smoking related to the heart, since the ischemic heart disease is a heart condition. The cigarettes have some chemicals that do harm to the lining of the coronary arteries, leading to furring of the arteries.

High blood pressure

Having high blood pressure means that the walls of your arteries are not like they used to be and that the arteries channel through which the blood passes is narrower. The higher the blood pressure is, the narrower the arteries channels are.

High blood cholesterol level

Having a high blood cholesterol level represents a danger for one’s life. Cholesterol represents a type of fat that our liver makes from the saturated fat that we eat. Having a normal level of cholesterol nourishes the healthy cells but too much cholesterol can do you harm. There are two types of cholesterol – the good cholesterol which is high-density lipoproteins cholesterol,  and the bad cholesterol which is the low-density lipoproteins. Having too much bad cholesterol in the blood can cause depositing of fats on the arteries. It also leads to narrower artery channels. If you were wondering what causes ischemic heart disease, then find out that this is the most common factor that influences the emerging of this condition.

Being obese or overweight

Being obese or overweight it usually relates to the high blood cholesterol level. People who eat a lot of unhealthy food tend to be overweight. Their bodies usually cannot cope with the high level of fats that they eat and they change their metabolism. It means that the fats are not burnt at the same rate anymore and this process accelerates in time. This is the second most common factor what causes ischemic heart disease. In order to prevent gaining weight, it is advisable to monitor your body fat percentage with a body fat analyzer. This is due to the fact that fat is lightweight, and sometimes an increase in our body fat percentage will not show on the scale, but it will show on a fat analyzer. For more information on the best body fat analyzers of the moment, stop by the website which features numerous reviews of the top rated body fat scales.

Have diabetes

Many type of diabetes suppose having in the blood composition a high level of sugar. It acts like a corrosive agent for the walls of the arteries.

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