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Tricks to Getting a Perfect Crispy Bread Crust at Home

Baking bread at home was once one of the most time-consuming chores. Nowadays, with all these technological advances and all these incredible bread machines, baking bread at home is not as difficult as you might think. Therefore, whether you want to control the ingredients or you want to get a gorgeous, thick, crispy bread crust that makes you feel fantastic when it comes out of your bread machine or the oven, here are some tips that may help you get what you want.

Think about using a quality bread machine

There are so many models available on the market and you have so many reviews sites to inspire from that it won’t be so difficult to choose a good bread maker. According to the information from Annestruebread.com, as compared to the models ten years ago, today’s bread makers have many features and settings. There are two types of bread makers on the market, such as small and large machines. The small models are mainly designed for singles or small families and they are used to make 1-1.5 lb. loaves. On the other hand, the large machines are able to bake anything from 1 to 3 lb. loaf. These days, a quality bread maker needs to have some degrees of programmability.

There are crust control settings which can help you pick from light to dark options. More than that there are models that allow you to pre-program your own settings. Moreover, some models are equipped with a delay-start timer which gives you the option to set it at night and bake your bread in the morning. Also, there is a rapid cook setting which delivers cooked bread in less than one hour. These types of machines are very efficient and help you get a perfect crispy bread crust at home. However, there are also other traditional methods to make fresh homemade bread.

Think about the steaming method

One of the most convenient ways to create this crispy bread is by using a commercial oven. The steam is necessary for a perfect bread crust. It promotes a nice crust color and volume. You need to steam the oven a little beam before making the bread, but not too much. Too much steam can make the crust chewy and moist rather than crisp. The steam protects the dough and keeps the outer dough moist. This crispy crust is not the only advantage of the steaming method. Steam also helps the bread to become much denser.

The Dutch method

The Dutch oven method helps you get the perfect crust at home. The Dutch oven holds the water that the dough evaporates and convert it to steam under the lid. The steam will cover the surface of the dough, keeping the loaf moist. When using this method it’s recommended to place the dough inside of the oven and cover it with the lid. Also, it’s very important not to underbake the bread. Also, it’s important to follow all your recipe instructions. However, after the recommended baking times the crust still is underbaked, leave it more in the oven to achieve the darkness you like.

Use the spray bottle method

If you don’t have a professional oven that can help you create your own steam inside, use the spray bottle method. You need to create a moist environment, so you have to preheat the oven to 25°F. When it is preheated, use the spray bottle to spray the sides of the oven with water. Close the door and wait 30 seconds. Repeat this process two or three times to create moist. Then, put the dough into the hot pan and continue to bake normally.

The ice cube method

One of the most popular baking methods is the ice cube method. It is an ingenious method which helps you get a gorgeous, crispy bread crust. First, you have to preheat the oven and the baking pan. Then, place the dough in the pan on the top rack. Place a metal filled with ice cubes below. The ice cubes will melt and the water will evaporate into steam. The steam will keep the dough moist creating a perfectly crispy crust. As it was mentioned before the temperatures in recipes are guidelines, so you should follow them if you want not to over-ferment the dough. If the dough ferments too long, the bread will be too dense and it will have a pale crust.

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