Tips for Playing Basketball Overseas

If you love playing basketball how would it sound like to you to do what you like the most in this world and get paid for it? This is what playing basketball overseas looks like. You get paid a lot of money and you always make it in the daily sport news. How could it get any better? In order to get to play basketball overseas and get paid like a professional player, you must know how to advertise yourself. Even if your game is very good, sometimes this is not enough for achieving success. You must have a strong human network and always fight to make yourself known out there. You must decide what you want to do and by what means you plan to do it. Sometimes it’s not efficient to invest all your energy, money and dream power into something that you don’t think it suits you like a glove. Decide whether basketball is that one big thing that you want to do in your life. After that, everything that you do must be oriented in that direction.

Practice, always improve your game

One can never possibly reach the mastering level even if he gets to be paid with millions. Even the greatest players of all times never stopped improving their game. Why do you think you could afford to take a break from it? In order to exercise your skills, you must play basketball every day. If playing basketball overseas is your big goal then translate it into practice everyday little goals.

Stay in shape

Playing basketball is not enough. Make yourself stronger and build more muscular mass by going to the gym. Do this regularly – make a schedule and stick to it no matter what.

Stay positive, stay focused

Once you know your dream is playing basketball overseas, you must stay focused on this target. Sometimes you need to make some compromises. For example you cannot stay Friday night up until late because you will not be productive in your Saturday morning basketball training – this kind of compromises we’re talking about.

Gain exposure, show your game

How can you gain enough exposure if you don’t play enough basketball? The more you play, the more chances you will have to appear in the daily sport news, even if it is just the local news. Make yourself known and always take care after a basketball game to have your own game tape recorded. The recording of a basketball game in which you play is your job interview for pro teams. If you don’t have such recordings the only time when you can be noticed is when you play live, which can be a little problem sometimes. If you don’t have your recordings you need to participate to exposure camps – which means more costs. You have to pay for your travel costs, hotels, food and camp entries. Think about what do you do if you pay large amounts of money and you don’t get the awaited result? An exposure camp may not be a great investment, but having your game recordings duplicated surely is! Show your game to agents, coaches or managers. If you don’t have the recordings of the past games, ask them from the people who you think they might have them.


How do you expect playing basketball overseas without building a network? Put effort into it, ask many people about contacts, opinions or stories. Don’t think that people will come to you and offer their help just like that. Be friendly and show yourself interested.

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