The Most Underrated Cities to Visit in Europe

Europe is a beautiful continent that has many beautiful places to show to the tourists. Many people ask themselves which are the most beautiful cities to visit in Europe. People who travel outside their country they come back home more culturally enriched and sometimes they bring back home too many pictures to show to the dear ones and friends. Cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid or Rome are the capitals of some of the richest and most developed countries in the world. They represent the dream tourism destination for many people who like to travel. Still, there are many other cities to visit in Europe that have just as much beauty and culture. If you have already visited the big capital cities then you should consider visiting some other cities too. Take a look at the list of these most underrated cities to visit in Europe. These cities are a lot more peaceful an romantic than the European capitals. As a woman, if you are looking for creative valentines gift ideas for him, you could consider booking a holiday to one of the following locations:

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olumpic Games twice (in ’64 and ’76). The city is located at the foothills in the north part of Austria. How would it feel to wake up one morning and see the great Alps outside your window? This is also a great destination during the summer time for the people who like to hike, climb or mountain bike.

Budapest, Hungary

You may not know that Hungary has beautiful places to visit too, the most beautiful is Budapest which also happen to be the capital of the country. The most visited tourism attraction in Budabest is the neo-Gothic Parliament building.

Ferrara, Italy

Located in the Northern Italy, Ferrara is a beautiful italian city that has specific Mediterranean atmosphere. It is a great city to visit especially during the summer time. The city is surrounded by ancient walls of nearly 9 kilometers long.

Gibraltar, Spain

If your holiday destination is Spain, it would be nice to try to see for yourself the Gibraltar rock. It’s a view so inspiring that you will have it in your mind in every difficult moment that you’ll be going through for the rest of your life.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is the city that borders Germany and France. It’s a multicultural and multi-lingual environment. Basel is the city that has the most museums in Europe!

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a beautiful city because it has very much intact medieval architecture. The landscapes that you can see here are breathtaking. It has a very strong fairytale vibe which gives it a romantic touch. Booking a trip here would definitely be one of the most creative valentines gift ideas for him.

Dresden, Germany

Dresden is located near the Czech border. Although it was largely destroyed in the attacks during the end of WWII, the city has been rebuilt. If you want to visit a chic Baroque town then Dresden it is the best choice for you!


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