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The Most Common Water Pollutants

Water contaminants can cause a large number of health problems. Depending on the type of the pollutants that exist in your drinking water, you can be exposed to a variety of illnesses, such as stomach disorders, skin problems, different types of infections and cancer. Moreover, children who are exposed to certain water contaminants can experience delays in mental and physical development, and they can also deal with learning difficulties. Therefore, we recommend you to connect with your local water utility, and ask for a report on the quality of your water. That way you can find out what type of impurities exist in your tap water, and you can start taking the proper measures to eliminate them.

The adverse effects caused by chlorine

Although municipal water systems use chlorine as a way to disinfect water and eliminate microbes, this method of ensuring clean water also presents some disadvantages. Chlorine is an oxidant that is essential when it comes to stopping dangerous illnesses from spreading. However, it can have some bad consequences as well, because drinking water with chlorine can cause dry skin and hair, and in combination with certain organic materials, it can create a volatile compound that can increase the risk of bladder and rectal cancer.

Lead in drinking water

Lead can have access in your drinking water through the corrosion of certain materials and plumbing. People who are exposed to lead may have to face a high blood pressure, and they can also experience kidney problems. However, children are the ones that can suffer the most after drinking water that contains lead, so if you discover that your water’s quality is affected by this contaminant, you must search for a water filter system that can help you avoid some serious complications. Moreover, you can inform yourself about the main characteristics that these units have by visiting the www.thewaterfiltersystem.com website. Finding out the properties that a certain product has can help you buy the water filter that is the most suitable for your needs.

The impact of bacteria and nitrates

Water born pathogens can affect the normal development of children, as they can represent a health threat for babies who can develop a condition called “blue baby syndrome”. This disorder is provoked by bacteria and nitrates, and it affects the oxygen flow in the blood. The high level of nitrates that exist in tap water can lead to cyanotic heart defects, which can result in some serious health problems that can even cause the death of a newborn.

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