The Advantages of Using BlackBerry Messenger on Your PC

If you are an Android user who likes to spend time chatting with his friends, we suggest you to take your conversations to the next level by installing the BlackBerry Messenger on your PC. Think about how great it would be to visualize and edit photos on a larger screen, and how nice it would be to send text messages without struggling with a small keyboard. Furthermore, there are certain functions and tools that you cant’s use on your mobile phone unless you are the possessor of the latest version of BBM OS, but you can solve that problem by installing this trendy app on your laptop.

The application’s functions and characteristics

According to a study recently made, people who own Android devices forgot about using applications like WhatsApp and WeChat after the BBM was released. Besides the fact that it allows you to send pictures, videos, voice notes and create group chats, the BlackBerry Messenger is also great for writing reports, making sketches and taking care of urgent problems even when you are not at the office. So, having the possibility to solve some last minute problems is essential in certain circumstances. Moreover, one of the recent changes allows the users to connect with friends through BBM voice, which means that you can switch from sending text messages to a BBM voice chat, so the choice is yours.

The benefits that users can get by installing the app on their laptops

BBM has a large number of interesting applications, but since you need to have the latest version of BBM OS to use them, you might not be able to access them from your mobile device. Therefore, we advise you to focus on learning how to free download BBM for PC, and enjoy all the advantages that the app has to offer in more suitable conditions. This easy-to-use chat has a well organized user interface, and it can display lists with all your contacts which are completed with thumbnail images. Communicating with your friends is absolutely free, because the connection is made via WiFi or 3G option.

How to download BlackBerry Messenger on your computer

In order to install the application on your computer, you must first download an Android emulator, which is known as BlueStacks. After installing the emulator, you need to open it and type the name of the app in its search box. Next, you have to select the “Install” option that will appear on the right side of the result, and wait for BlackBerry Messenger to download.

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