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Rules for Buying the Best Integrated Dishwasher

Fully integrated dishwashers are the most popular choice today because they are hidden behind door panels and therefore go maintain the slick look of your kitchen’s interior design. An integrated model is usually slimmer and shorter than traditional dishwashers, but the prices start higher. If you want to choose the best integrated dishwasher for your household you must consider many factors, such as size, price and features. Whether you are just looking to install a dishwasher in your kitchen or you are planning an entire kitchen renovation, it is important to think about your needs and about where the unit will be fitted. Here are the rules for buying the perfect integrated dishwasher:

  • Size Matters

Size is usually the most important consideration when choosing the best integrated dishwasher for your kitchen. Think about how much space you have available for this appliance and if you will have to remodel to make room for it. If you are looking for a replacement for an old dishwasher already built into your cabinetry, make sure it has the exact size. The most common type of integrated dishwashers is the standard 24 inch model that fits under your countertop work surface. However, there are other sizes available, like smaller 18 inch models, so finding the best integrated dishwasher won’t be difficult. Another aspect you must consider is the capacity, as a small dishwasher cannot handle a single load and you will waste more energy washing several loads a day. If you have a large family and your old dishwasher is small, it may be wise to remodel and fit a larger dishwasher. If you live alone, consider a smaller model or a countertop model.

  • It should make your life easier

In addition to aesthetic blending and planning measurement, it is also important to look at all the areas of dishwasher functionality. The best integrated dishwasher should make your life easier with functions such as maximum energy efficiency, a timer and noise reduction mechanisms. Because there are so many new features available on modern machines, the range of choices can seem overwhelming. Consider your needs and make a list of features to look for. Decide if you want a smart dishwasher with soil sensors and internal food grinders that don’t need prior rinsing and regular filter cleaning, or one with the basic features with some extra perks sanitize and eco options.

  • Many dishwasher programs are unnecessary

Dishwashers have many different wash programs and wash cycles because there are many different types of dishes that need to be cleaned. Some are designed for glassware, plastics, china or pots. Although the variety is endless and seems great, the best integrated dishwasher has only the programs you really need. For example, if you don’t have delicate dishware you won’t have to use the china program. Moreover, you probably won’t take the time and effort to learn how to operate and select all these options. Be honest to yourself and decide if you are willing to pay more for something you don’t really need.

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