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Outdoor Entertainment Area Designs

We present to you some outdoor entertainment area designs that will make your home the best entertaining place on earth. Since there is no other place in your home more enjoyable than your backyard you can invest a large amount of money in your arrangement in order to have an appealing entertainment area in your home opened 24/24.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

This is the type of the outdoor entertainment area design which is very much appreciated among the kitchen lovers. If you like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes, then you should include in your backyard design some appliances that will allow you to cook outdoor. A gas stove, an electric stove or a barbecue and a sink are the keys for beautiful yummy dinners spent with your friends and family.

Round Patio Fire Pit

This outdoor entertainment area design is perfect for you if you plan to use your backyard as a gathering place for your friends. People used to gather around the fire ever since the earliest times. The fire represented protection and warmth. It’s in our genes to recognize the feeling of security when we gather around a fire pit even after centuries!

Backyard Swimming Pool

Did you know that swimming is one of the most pleasant sports to do? Even people who have weight excess have an easier time doing underwater exercises or swimming because the water partially supports their weight. If you live in an area where it’s sunny most of the time of the year or you just love to swim, build your own swimming pool in your backyard. If you are worried about the efforts required for maintaining a pool, rest assured as nowadays there are robotic pool cleaners that handle all the hard work. Moreover, if money is a problem, you should know that the robotic pool cleaner price is a lot cheaper than the cost of hiring a pool maintenance person.

As far as the design of the pool goes, feel free to let your imagination go wild. You can choose a futuristic, a welcoming or a prepared-for-party look. If you want to exercise your swimming speed, consider building a long rectangular slim pool which can also save you some space! The backyard pool is the ultimate dream, but nowadays, a pool is no longer considered a luxury. Considering the low building costs and the small robotic pool cleaner price, anyone can afford to have a backyard pool nowadays.

Outdoor Home Theater – inflatable super screen outdoor

If you love to watch movies, installing an outdoor home theater system may be the right answer for you. An inflatable outdoor super screen may be the only thing that you need to make your nights memorable. For around $130 you can order on Amazon the Gemmy Airblown 39121X Movie Screen which is a self-inflatable super screen that has the dimensions 151 x 36 x 107 inches.  This product is even available for shipping to some countries outside the U.S.

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