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Most Useful Features Of The Robotic Vacuum

The robotic vacuum cleaners are necessary for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, or for people who have health problems and can’t bend or do the repetitive movements required to vacuum with a typical model. But when choosing a robot vacuum, you will see they have a lot of features, which can be confusing if you’re not accustomed with this device. If you need help in figuring out what to choose, read the following lines and you will find out what are the most useful features to look for when buying a robotic vacuum.

Vacuum under the furniture

For the robot vacuum to completely clean without your help, it must fit under furniture like the bed, the couch, and the coffee table without you moving them first.
Most models can easily fit in places you couldn’t vacuum without moving furniture around, because they are small in height, making them very useful especially if you have health problems that don’t allow you to move heavy objects around. However, not all robot vacuums are that small. You should read some robot vacuum reviews if you want to be sure that you are investing in a compact device that will be able to go under the furniture. For that purpose, you should stop by the robotvacuum.best website, where you will find useful information regarding the best vacuum cleaners of the moment.

Detect the clean area

Just like a human doesn’t clean in a spot where it’s not dirty, neither should a robot vacuum. This is possible due to a combination of acoustic and optical sensors these types of robot vacuums posses.
For example, the iRobot Roomba 880 is a robot vacuum that detects the clean and dirty areas, going around the clean ones, and seeking the dirtiest spots first to go over them for as many times as it’s needed for the dirt to disappear.

Vacuum while you’re away

Most robotic vacuums come with a very interesting and useful feature that allows you to program them to vacuum when you aren’t at home.
Simply set the robot to start cleaning at any hour of the day you desire, and when you’ll come back from work, the floors and carpets will already look impeccable.

Furniture and stair detection

These are vital features if you don’t want to come back home to find your beloved robot vacuum destroyed at the bottom of the stairs, or to find your furniture scratched and damaged.
If you buy a model that detects dangers like stairs, you will never have to worry about setting the robot to vacuum while you’re away, because it will back away from them.
Also, if you are worried about your furniture, choose a model that has soft-touch bumpers to be gentle on delicate items, or even a model that detects obstacles of any kind and slows down considerably before making contact with them to not bump at full speed into them.

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