Leopard print nail designs

Animal prints have been a popular trend for a few years now. These type of prints can be found not only on clothes, shoes and purses but also on nail designs. Animal print nail designs may seem difficult to make at first but they are actually quite simple. Today we are going to give you a few tips on how to paint leopard print nail designs. We will also provide a few color suggestions so that you can create several variations of the same print. However, keep in mind that the leopard print contours should always be black.

  • Method one

The easiest way to make leopard print nail designs is with the help of templates and nail polish stamps. Both products can be acquired from beauty shops or from various online shops. They are both very easy to use. You first paint your nails in whatever color you wish to be the background of your design and then you apply the print. Some templates come with a universal stamp. With these type of products, you apply nail polish over the template, press the stamp on the template in order to get the print and then you apply the stamp on the nail. Aside from the universal stamp, there are also some individual stamps, each one with a different print shape. If you are a little crafty, you can even make your own stamp. All you need is a crayon with an eraser on top and you use a razor blade in order to shape the rubber in the shape or a leopard spot. If you choose this last option, it is best to have several spot stamps of different shapes and sizes in order to achieve a diverse print with different spots.

  • Method 2

As complicated as it may seem, you can even create leopard print nail designs without any templates or stamps. After you paint your nails, you use a thin nail polish brush in order to create the leopard stamps. The beauty of this print is that the spots don’t have to be perfect. On the contrary, the messier they are, the better. Another way to go is to use a slightly different nail polish in order to make some spots on your nail, after you previously painted it in one color. Once you do this, you use the black nail polish with the thin brush in order to gently contour those spots. You can also add a few irregular smaller black spots in order to make your print more realistic.

  • Color choices

These type of nail designs from can be achieved with various colors. The only think that you must keep in mind is that the print contours must be black. Furthermore, the contours should always be discontinuous. You can choose various color combinations for these nail designs such as pink layout and blue spots, nude layout and metallic sports and so on. If you want an authentic leopard design, stick with brown and black combinations.

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