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Latex Mattresses VS. Memory Foam Mattresses

When shopping for a new mattress, most people have to decide between latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, as these are the most popular types of beds. The general idea is that latex mattresses are just as good as memory foam mattresses with the added benefits of being 100% chemical free. However, this general concept is quite vague. Lets dig deeper into this problem and see what are the actual difference between these two types of mattresses.

  • Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

The main advantage of latex mattresses is that they are 100% chemical free. They use a natural foam rubber which simulates the properties of memory foam. Although they are great for pressure relief, some people find them too hard to comfortably sleep on them. Furthermore, they are also quite heavy and they can be hard to move around or flip. On the other hand, they are not heat traps and they do no build up moisture since the natural latex allows air flow. They also do a decent job in resisting motion transfer. Last but not least, latex mattresses are about three times more durable than memory foam mattresses.

  • Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the best ranked mattresses from a consumer satisfaction point of view. When it comes to pressure relief and resistance to motion transfer, they are considerably better than any other type of mattresses. Furthermore, they are also more comfortable than latex mattresses as they do a better job at contouring the body and they are resistant against dusts mites and allergies. The main disadvantage of memory foam mattresses is that they attract heat. The excessive heat causes people to sweat. Humidity is a big problem for memory foam mattresses as it destroys the polyester elements thus affecting the durability of a mattress. This is why people who own memory foam mattresses should always cover them with humidity proofed covers. These mattresses can also emit unpleasant odors caused by the chemicals used in the production of the memory foam. Last but not least, despite being more expensive than innerspring beds, memory foam beds are a lot cheaper than latex beds.

As you can see, memory foam beds and latex beds share certain similarities, but they are quite different from various points of view. People who live in warm, high humidity environments should avoid memory foam beds. On the other hand, people who prefer softer mattresses should stay away from latex beds. Once you decide on a type of mattresses, remember to read some mattress reviews, as not all mattresses are as comfortable as they are advertised. For trustworthy reviews, visit mattresses.reviews. This website will help you compare different mattresses and choose the one that offers the best value.

That being said, remember that the mattress is not the only element which defines the quality of your sleep. For a restful sleep, we advise you to also buy some quality pillows. Personally, we recommend the bamboo pillows. You can learn more about them by visiting bamboopillow.reviews. You will see that most of them are made of shredded memory foam, which offers a great support for the neck and the head. However, you don’t have to worry about heat, as these pillows have a bamboo exterior which maintains a steady temperature throughout the night.

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