Latest Hairstyles for 2014

Every woman wants to look beautiful, and is willing to make any change and sacrifice necessary to achieve her goal, because beauty is the nature of women. Changing her look is the first step, because we all know that beauty first touches the eye. And one way of getting a new look is by getting a new hairstyle. Either you want to change the length of your hair, the shape or the color, trends this year have been very versatile, so you have numerous styles to choose from. The latest hairstyles for 2014 are various and cover a long rage of needs and tastes.

A new season could also mean a new hair cut. If fall is coming and you start adding layers to your wardrobe, you could go on and also cut some layers off your hair. Or maybe you can try that bold autumn copper you didn’t have the courage to try this summer. Some hairstyles are ageless, some last a season, others are reinvented classics, it depends on tastes and visions. Trends have already decided the latest hairstyles for 2014, and here is a little update of the options you have:

  • The Bob: whether you choose short or medium, this hairstyle is very pretty, but picky because you have to arrange it often
  • Bangs give you a feminine and childish look and are perfect for most face shapes
  • A Layered cut helps you add volume and texture to your hair
  • Long hair offers you many hairstyles possibilities, like ponytails, braids or buns
  • The Pixie haircut is very bold and trendy.

Your hairdresser can help you choose from the latest hairstyles for 2014 the one that suits you best, depending on the shape of your face and texture of your hair. If cutting your hair is something you don’t have the courage to do, then a change of color is the makeover you need. You also need to consider some aspects, like your skin tone or former hair color. One of the latest hair color trends in 2014 is ombre, which gives you more shades of color from roots to ends. You can also choose bold tones of reds or violets, creamy blondes or chocolate browns. If you want to discover more hair coloring trends that can compliment your hairstyle, visit

The opportunities are endless, depending on tastes and desires. You just have to dare and decide which style suits you best and what kind of change you want to make, and be convinced that you are beautiful, because beauty stands in the eye of the beholder!

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