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Ideas for Halloween Kids Crafts

Kids are usually the most eager to celebrate the Halloween. They like to do crafts and decorate their bedroom with them. Here we present to you some ideas for Halloween kids crafts:

Egg Carton Bats

These decorations are super simple to do. You will need some egg cartons that you have to cut them in specific shapes and then paint them in black. Use some white falling leaves and make them balance the black. After you have obtained your decorative items tie them nicely with some orange cord or ribbon and hang them on your chandelier. You will have the sweetest Halloween kids crafts hanging down from the ceiling.

Yummy Halloween Sweets

If your little daughter likes to cook have together a wonderful afternoon by making some biscuits-pudding sweet jars. They are beautiful presents for your family and very fun to make! You will only need some orange food coloring and some kitchen tool to shape the pudding swirls.

Monstruos Photos

This is one of the easiest to do Halloween kids crafts, even if it doesn’t look like so! Take advantage of your child’s height until it’s not too late! Have fun with your child by using some pieces of cardboard painted in some scary cute monsters. Immortalize the moment by taking some memorable photos.

Ghost Buddies

Have fun with your daughter by sewing some cute ghost buddies made of some old white bed sheets that you can spare of. After you design the head, stuff them with some cotton or clothes and wrap them tightly around a broomstick. During the Halloween days, only the ghosts will clean your kitchen and your house.

Paper Pumpkins

If your child likes to play with the scissors then build together some paper pumpkins. You can choose their size, their pattern and how realistic you want them to look.

Skeleton Cotton Buds Paintings

For this project, you will need a pair of scissors, some glue and a couple of cotton buds. Use them for shaking a skeleton and make your child pretend the cotton buds are its bones. This is also a good anatomy lesson, by the way! It’s a great Halloween craft if you want your child to become a doctor!

Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

For this craft, you will need a cutter or a pair of scissors, some glue and some thread. If your child likes to crop paper then this is the project that he or she will like the most. Simply draw the pumpkins and bats shapes in pairs, cut them out of the paperboard and stick them together side by side with a continuous long piece of thread between them. Let the glue dry and ta-da! Here you have the simplest Halloween decoration ever!

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