How to Make Your Own Lash Growth Serum

If you’ve ever wished to have long seductive lashes then you can get them if you’re up to give yourself a few daily moments of care. Here is a simple recipe for how to prepare your own lash growth serum.

Firstly you have to see if you have all the ingredients at home or if you need to buy some more. Don’t miss any of them or else your nighttime treatment will only moisturize your lashes and not make them grow!

The recipe

Make sure you have around:

  • Olive oil – only half of spoon will be enough
  • Castor oil – only half of spoon will also be enough
  • Aloe vera + Vitamin E  – only one spoon will be enough
  • Petroleum jelly – only one spoon will do
  • Empty container – this item is the most flexible item on this list. It doesn’t have size or color conditions. It can be plastic, glass or porcelain – anything works as long as it keeps the composition together.
  • Cotton bud – to help you stir the mixture

Step 1 : Make sure the container is clean

What to do next? You have to take the empty container and make sure it’s clean. You don’t want to have any residues left in it and spoil your lash growth serum. If you’ve just washed it you can gently wipe it with a paper tower or just wait for it to dry naturally.

Step 2: Pour the olive oil inside the container

Take the empty container and put the olive oil inside the container. Make sure that you don’t spill it on the floor since it’s such little quantity we’re talking about!

Step 3: Add the Aloe vera and Vitamin E over the olive oil

Take the cotton bud and gently remove the Aloe vera and Vitamin E from the spoon and let it fall in the container over the olive oil. Make sure you stir the composition properly.

Step 4: Add the Petroleum jelly over the whole composition

Finally add the petroleum jelly on top of the whole composition and make sure you stir it properly as well. The final result must look creamy and soft.

Step 5: The last but not the least add the castor oil

Pour the castor oil over your composition and stir. You will be amazed of how fast your lashes will grow!

How to use it

In order to fulfill its purpose, you must obediently apply this lash growth serum every night before you go to bed. You can also apply it on your eyebrows if you want to make them grow in places where they don’t grow anymore! It works wonderfully. Take a make-up brush and gently apply it to the roots of your eyelashes and of your eyebrows. For more advice on longer and thicker eyelashes, visit . This website features a lot of remedies that can help you achieve a rich set of eyelashes.

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