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How to Hold Events in Your Backyard

Depending on its size, the backyard can be the layout for a wide variety of events. The beauty of this space is that it is private and can be decorated any way you want it. In fact, with just a few easy gardening ideas, any backyard can turn in a wonderful space, perfect for holding various types of events. Today, we are going to give you a few home and garden decorating ideas in order to teach you how to organize various events in your backyard. We will start with the simple stuff and gradually move on to fancier events. So, whether you are planning a small wedding or a birthday party, you will surely find our ideas to be very inspirational.

1. Friends and family gatherings

When holding a simple gathering, you don’t have to go over your head decorating the backyard. However, you should do a little cleaning around (at least hide the clutter). What you have to do is make sure that everybody will have somewhere to sit, whether it is lounge chairs, hammocks or simple patio furniture. If you plan on making a barbecue, make sure that everybody will have a seat at the table. A nice way to end a friends and family gardening is by chatting around a fire. If you don’t have a fancy fire pit, you can always improvise with a hole in the ground surrounded by river stones. Don’t forget to bring marshmallows in order to make things more enjoyable.

2. Birthday parties

When it comes to birthday parties, you need to do a little decorating around. You will find the decorating process easier if you pick a theme. Whether you are holding a birthday party for a child or for an adult, it helps to plan some activities. Make sure that you have enough space for the activities that you plan. Don’t buy a pinata if you don’t have a tree to hang it in.

3. Garden parties

Garden parties are fancier than normal gatherings so they need some careful planning. While you can hold a garden party at any time of the day, it is best if you hold it in the evening. When it comes to home and garden decorating ideas, few people consider lighting, which is a shame because lighting is very important, especially at garden parties. However, few people know the proper way of providing ambient garden light. You can achieve a very nice effect with candles (the more the better). However, with candles, you need to be careful with fire safety measures. Furthermore, if the party lasts a long time, you will spend a good amount of time, replacing the candles that burn out. A simpler, yet equally charming lighting solution are Christmas lights. The yellow Christmas lights, hidden in all the corners of your garden will offer a magical fairy-like ambiance.

4. Weddings and other fancy events

If you are planning a small wedding (your own or that of a family member), a backyard can be a wonderful layout for such an event. You may think that you can never make a boring backyard resemble a sophisticated venue but you will be surprised to see what a few easy gardening ideas and simple tricks can do. For example, fancy chandeliers hung in the trees are a great way of adding a touch of glamor to a plain backyard. Furthermore, the Christmas lights hidden in the bushes that we already mentioned, will make for some amazing picture scenarios. A similar magical effect can be achieved with floating lanterns. You can also delimit the wedding space with veil curtains. Depending on the wedding’s theme, you can also improvise numerous other decorations. For example, if the wedding has a rustic vibe, you can set the candy bar on a plank set on top of some old barrels. For more wedding planning ideas, visit http://www.mansiondreamwedding.com. On this website, you will see that planning a wedding is all about creativity and it doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money.

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