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Halloween Garden Decorating Ideas

When it comes to Halloween home and garden decorating ideas, emphasis must be pun on a home’s exterior as it will be seen by more people than the interior. You can find plenty of Halloween decorations in supermarkets and deco stores. Some of them are even cheap. However, if you are decorating on a shoestring budget, you may want to consider some DIY exterior home design ideas. Furthermore, these decorations will add more character to your home’s spooky look.

Chicken wire ghosts

This is a cheap yet tricky garden decoration as it requires some effort and time. After purchasing the chicken wire, you need to decide what type of ghost you want to make. Will it be a male figure or a female figure? Will it have a head or will it be headless. Our advice is to make a headless female figure as it is easier to make. Start by building the torso. It will be easier if you have a mannequin on which to wrap the chicken wire in order to obtain a more realistic torso. Continue with the lower side of the body which should be in the shape of an old-timely dress. Make the dress’ base wide so that the ghost figure has proper support. In order for the process to be easier, work with smaller pieces of chicken wire. As a final touch, you can spray paint the figure with fluorescent paint or you can wrap it in Christmas lights.

Spooky eyes in the bushes

For the next decoration, you will need some empty toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks. Cut some evil eye shapes in the toilet paper rolls, stick a couple of glow sticks in each roll, secure the glow sticks with scotch tape and place the rolls randomly in your bushes. When people will look into your yard at nighttime, it will seem as if there are spooky creatures in the bushes gleaming at them.

Life size mummies

For the following Halloween exterior home design ideas, you will need some mannequins. These should be found at local stores or online. They are generally very cheap. However, if you can’t find any mannequins, you can make your own with the help of a friend and it will look even better than the mannequins as you will have the opportunity of creating whatever mummy posture you desire. of Ask a friend to wrap you in wide scotch tape. There should be several layers of scotch tape around you in order to obtain a steady figure. When you are fully wrapped, ask your friend to cut the scotch tape across your back. Get out of the scotch tape costume, stick it back together without ruining its human shape and fill it with rags and paper. Next, use toilet paper or cheesecloth in order to wrap your human shaped scotch tape figure and place it in your yard.

The ideas presented above will surely scare a lot of the trick-or-treaters. Nevertheless, decor alone is not enough, so you should also put some time and effort into making a spooky Halloween costume for yourself. If you are not skilled with the needle, you can buy your costume. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for it either. On greathalloweencostume.com, you can find a wide variety of Halloween costumes, most of which are very affordable. With a great costume and a spooky garden decor you will make some wonderful Halloween memories.

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