Cures for a Nurse’s Aching Feet

Aching feet in nurses is not uncommon because they stand most of the time and they have to walk a lot, which leads to pressure on their feet. Because pain can become excruciating, it’s mandatory to look for the best cures that can make it go away. Here are some useful things you can do to keep your feet comfy and healthy if you are a busy nurse.

A soothing massage

Without a doubt, massaging your feet is the best way to eliminate fatigue and relax the sore muscles. The firm pressing movements encourage blood to reach the extremities and allow the muscles to relieve all the tension gathered throughout a day’s standing and walking. A nice massage every once in a while can have extended benefits to your health and will prevent feet soreness.


This ancient therapy is known to have miraculous effects in healing a wide range of pains, including the one experienced by nurses who stand most of the time. By pressing needles into the pressure points, it eliminates tension and helps the muscles relax and alleviate pain. It’s great for any age and it doesn’t involve side effects as long as it’s performed by a professional who knows how to locate the major pressure points in feet.


Although you might think that repose is the best solution for treating aching feet, learn that some stretching exercises can be even more helpful. Plantar Fasciitis is the pain in the flat band that connects your toes to your heel and it can easily go away if you stretch your feet using a towel or a scarf to pull your foot towards your body.

Wearing the right shoes

Nevertheless, the shoes a nurse wears are crucial details in preventing aching feet. Due to the prolonged standing, these must be cushioned, comfortable, and wide enough to prevent pain in the toes, heels, and joints. Bunions are often seen in nurses who stand a lot and they can only be prevented by wearing the right type of shoe that is wide enough to allow the toes to stretch. According to nurses shoes reviews, the only way to prevent feet pain is to wear comfy shoes with an ergonomic sole that provide cushioning for your feet.

Compression stocking

In most cases, more pressure put on the feet can help eliminate another type of pressure caused by standing and walking for long periods of time. If swollen feet are a great concern for you, these socks can help you eliminate this risk and aid in a better blood circulation. Cushioned socks are also of great help especially if your fat pads have worn out and your soles hurt while standing.


By alternating hot and cold water, you will manage to relax your feet and improve blood circulation. Fill a bucket with hot water and dip your feet for 3 minutes then switch to the cold water for 1 minute. The hot water will dilate your blood vessels to enable for a better circulation while the shock of cold water will treat swelling.

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