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Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

A fitness tracker plays a very important role when it comes to regular workouts. If you are an active person who goes to the gym or goes jogging frequently, then you should not omit to get a device like this, in order to track each activity. If you don’t know what model to purchase, then take your inspiration from the following best fitness trackers of 2016.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The unit works very well on all Android phones, and it is available on the market in two sizes. With Samsung Gear Fit 2 you will be able to track your steps, the calories burned, your heart rate, and even the quality of your sleep. Due to the clever built-in GPS, you can easily and accurately map all your activities. All the received notifications will help you know exactly if you should continue with the same workouts or go for others more intense. Overall, Samsung Gear Fit 2 is an amazing device that will definitely be very useful.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3 is a fitness tracker that provides an accurate heart health monitoring, and more. Your sleep will be tracked and all your workouts as well. You will find very comfortable wearing this wonderful device, due to the fact that it is made of a very soft material that will not cause any sort of discomfort to your skin. Jawbone UP3 syncs wirelessly, including 7-day battery life. Furthermore, the Smart Alarm will silently wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. All your steps and calories burned throughout the day will easily and accurately be tracked by this modern unit. Therefore, make sure you own it.

Fitbit Charge

If you want to purchase one of the best fitness trackers of 2016, then you should confidently go for the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker. This modern device will accurately track all-day stats calories burned, active minutes, distance traveled, and stairs climbed as well. Moreover, your sleep will also be monitored and you will know exactly how long and how well you sleep. You will easily wake up due to its built-in silent vibrating alarm. The textured band is super comfortable, and you will not even feel that you are actually wearing the unit, which means that you can wear it at all times, without any sort of problems. Fitbit Charge is certainly a product that will be to your liking, and that you will absolutely fall in love with as soon as your purchase it.

As you can see, fitness trackers can come with various features. These are most popular fitness bracelets of this year, but there are many more out there that could suit your needs. If you are looking for a cheaper fitness tracker, or one with more advanced features, go to That website has everything there is to know about fitness bracelets. It features reviews where each tracker is analyzed in detail and compared with similarly priced products. Reading those reviews is a great way to find a modern, yet reasonably priced fitness tracker.

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