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Best 2015 Side-by-Side Refrigerators

When it comes to side by side refrigerators, the models produced by Samsung and LG are among the most reliable and high quality refrigerators. If you don’t believe us, check out some refrigerator reviews on toprefrigerator.reviews. That website is an excellent source of information for people who are interested in buying a new fridge. Although the prices of side by side fridges far exceed the ones of 2-door or single door refrigerators, ultra modern features and impeccable design make side by side refrigerators worth all the money. In addition, if you have a large family the enormous storage space that you have available will certainly delight you. Take a look at our top main choices.

Samsung RSG 309AARS, $2,699

The Samsung RSG 309AARS side by side refrigerator features a stainless steel design and comes with 30 cubic feet of interior space. This unit has adjustable shelves, door bins where you can store large bottles, jugs and soda cans and crisper drawers to store large food items without taking up a lot of space. We like that the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator has the ice maker incorporated in the door, rather then taking additional shelf space. This unit features power cool and power freeze options which allow you to lower the temperature both in the fridge and refrigerator fast enough in case you leave the door open for a couple of minutes. The twin-cooling system keeps the air in the fridge and the freezer at a proper temperature. Moreover, the automatic defroster is designed to eliminate buildup on the compressor, thus preventing freezer burn. In addition to all the classic features that you may find at many side-by-side refrigerators, the Samsung features a LCD touchscreen which enhances the design of the Samsung refrigerator. Finally, the Samsung 309AARS comes with a 5 year warranty on sealed parts and labor.

LG LSC27937ST, $1,600

Our second choice is the LG LSC27937ST refrigerator which has a lower price than the Samsung presented above, mainly because it comes with fewer features. This refrigerator offers 26.5 cubic space of interior, but it furthermore maximizes the space with adjustable sliding and folding shelves to allow you store large containers and tall beverages. Also, the icemaker is mounted in the door, thus saving precious space in the freezer. The LG refrigerator comes with three spill proof glass shelves. We like that compared to other models in this series, the LG LSC27937ST has both sliding and folding shelves which allow you to make room for storing bigger containers. The fruits and vegetables are kept fresh thanks to the two humidity controlled crisper drawers. This LG appliance is Energy Star qualified and has a energy use of 590 kWh annually. Moreover, it features LED lighting, which has a much longer life span as that of a regular bulb and the heat they emit is very little. A great advantage of the LG side-by-side refrigerator is related to the 1 year warranty for parts and labor and 7 year warranty for condenser, which is the main core of the refrigerator, the compreser and the evaporator.

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