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Beginner Baking Tips for the Bread Machine

A bread maker is an amazing appliance to have in the kitchen. By using the bread machine you can prepare a lot more than the simple loaf of bread, like focaccia, sticky buns, bread sticks, coffee cakes, baguettes, and many more without much effort, and without spending a lot of time. But if you’re a beginner at using the bread machine, those might seem impossible for you. If you want to read some useful tips for any beginner, take a look at the following lines and apply what you learn from them.

How to make sure your dough is good

The only way you can be 100% sure that the mix of ingredients that you put in the bread machine has made a good dough is to open the machine when the dough is kneading to look at it and poke it.
But remember to not poke the dough if it’s rising, or you might be the one that ruins it, and don’t open the top to look at the dough when the bread machine is in the second baking cycle either.
Until you get used to this, you might do a couple of mistakes, but don’t worry, because only by making mistakes on your own can you truly learn how to do it correctly.

Make the perfect sweet bread

No matter how old you are, sweet bread is still one of your guilty pleasures for sure. To make the perfect sweet bread in the bread machine, you have to change the normal recipe a bit for perfect results.
To achieve success in making sweet bread you must reduce the amount of salt you normally use to half, double the amount of yeast, throw in 1/8 spoon of ascorbic acid, and use the cycle of the bread machine that has the longest rising period.

Scale your recipes properly

To scale the recipe properly, you have to know the capacity of your bread machine flower-wise. You can’t decide what amount of flour is needed until you know the capacity of the machine in pounds.
To find out its capacity, either look for it in the manual with which it came, or search this detail online.
Once you have this information, you can safely proceed with using the bread machine, but remember that for a 1 pound machine you will have to use 2 cups of flour, for a 1.5 pound machine you will use 3 cups of flour, and for a 2 pound machine 4 cups of flour will be necessary.

Sugar and salt

Our tip to you regarding the sugar is to use real sugar, not sugar substitutes, because they won’t work. Real sugar will help the dough rise how it should because it feeds the yeast.
If you really want to avoid using sugar, use honey or molasses instead, because they don’t affect the dough either.
When it comes to salt, you will see for yourself that it’s useless to follow the amount that the recipe advises you to use. It’s better to cut the amount that the recipe recommends in half, because the result will be the same anyway.

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