Amazing European Cities to Visit

If you are one of the people who likes history and wants to learn more about all the stages that human kind had to go through, Europe is the where you need to spend your vacation. There are may European cities to visit that will allow you to learn more about ancient civilizations and historical evolutions.

Although many people prefer to spend their holidays in destinations with sunny beaches, there are other ways that you can seek satisfaction. People turn to different methods of relaxing, and some of them involve sunbathing or shopping, and others involve visiting important monuments that allow you to find more about people’s origins.

Museums, chapels, castles, temples and other memorials can take you back in time and show you how people used to live. You can learn more about different countries’ traditions and customs, and you can understand more about the evolution of art and religion. The most interesting details that normally capture people’s attention have to do with wars and with the techniques that armies used in order to win battles.

If you search for the best European cities to visit, we recommend you to consider Rome as your first option. It is filled with Italian monuments at every turn, and it offers you the possibility to visit many important touristic objectives such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. According to the local traditions you have to throw a coin and make a wish when you are at the Trevi Fountain, so remember that when you see it.

All the Italian monuments represent symbols of important events that took place in the past, so each one of them has an interesting story. That is why we indicate you to visit them accompanied by a professional guide, because only that way you will be able to understand their magnificent significance. The best part is that you will find out more about Roman myths and about their religion and military strategies.

You could take advantage of the fact that you are already in Rome and you could go visit the Vatican City. Here is where you will find more about some of the greatest painters of the world, and about art. The Apostolic Palace, which is the Pope’s residence, represents the holiest place in the world and it contains some of the most valuable works of art and antiques. The Sistine Chapel is impressive, especially because this masterpiece was painted by Michelangelo, who is considered one of the greatest artists that have ever existed.

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