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5 Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

During the hot summer days, if you don’t have a cooling device you will feel like an ice-cream slowly melting in the sun. But the fact is that not everyone affords to buy an air conditioner, and keeping it turned on consumes a lot of electricity, which will obviously make you spend a lot of money on your bills. If you want to find alternatives to the air conditioner to keep cool when it’s hot outside, read the following lines.

1. Tower fans

Tower fans are a cheap alternative to the air conditioner, because they consume a lot less energy when they are turned on, and they cost less as well. If you buy a tower fan, choose a model that oscillates to at least 90 degrees, and has multiple speeds to cool the whole room fast.
One of the greatest advantages of the tower fan is that it’s portable, therefore if you want to stay on a budget, you can buy one and move it around rooms depending in which room you intend to stay in.
Another great feature that some tower fans have is the fact that they have timers, which can vary from 30 minutes to 12 hours. This means that the tower fan will stay turned on for as long as you choose, and at the end it will turn off automatically. If you are interested in purchasing a tower fan, but you just don’t know which one to choose, check out the towerfan.reviews website, where you will find a lot of insightful tower fan reviews.

2. Close the blinds

The light that enters your house during the hot summer days heats the place up, therefore close your blinds. This way you will have at least 40% less heat coming in your home than before.
It’s a neat, simple, and extremely cheap way to keep your house cool in the summer. If you don’t already have blinds, they don’t cost much, so don’t be afraid to invest in them.
Besides, a little privacy doesn’t hurt anyone, and they are useful if you want the neighbors to not be able to see in your home as well.

3. Use your ceiling fans smart

Many might not know this trick, but turning your ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise is a great way to cool off any room that has a ceiling fan in it.
By turning it counter-clockwise, and setting it to a high speed, you create a wind-chill breeze effect, making the entire room feel a lot cooler.
In addition, when the cold winter days come you can set the ceiling fans to spin clockwise to create a warm environment in the rooms.

4. Open your windows at night

Due to the fact that the temperature drops considerably during the summer nights, a great way to maintain the room cold at night is to open your windows.
By keeping the temperature in the bedroom cool at night you will be able to sleep comfortable and won’t wake up in the morning sweaty and tired because you didn’t get your necessary quality sleep.

5. Cool yourself the old fashioned way

We are very comfortable and we only think of fast and costly ways to cool ourselves in the summer, but we forget that people have managed to defeat the heat without having special devices and appliances since the beginning of time.
To cool yourself off the old fashioned way, drink iced teas regularly, dress yourself in appropriate clothes, apply cold cloths on your neck and wrists, and most important of all, don’t cuddle with your loved one during those hot summer nights.

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