3 Things you Should Know Before Buying a SUP

Whether you want to buy your first board or you just want to change your old one, you should know that there are a few things to consider, such as size, shape, budget and more. There are various types of boards on the market so it may be very difficult to choose from. In order to help you, we have gathered 3 things you should know before buying a SUP.

The different types of paddle boards

We all know that our first question when we think about a SUP, is: What type of board should we buy? This is quite complicated because you can find a lot of types of boards out there. Moreover, you should know that it is very important to know what type of paddling you want that board. For example, there are boards for surf, touring, racing and other water sports, so you have to choose a paddle board which can satisfy your needs.

What paddle board size do you need?

When it comes about the board size, you should think about its volume. If you choose a longer, wider and thicker board, it will have more volume. Actually, if a board has more volume, it will be more stable on the water. For example, the beginner paddles will always opt for a board with more volume, because this can support more weight and provide them with stability. However, after a few lessons, if your balance and your strength improve, you can choose a board with less volume.

The difference between inflatable and epoxy SUPs

If you are thinking about becoming a stand-up paddle boarder and you have to buy a board, you have to know that there are two different paddle board constructions, such as an inflatable SUP or an epoxy board. Each one of these items may have its own advantages, but make sure you choose a board which can fit your needs. For example, if you are a professional paddler and you are looking for increased speed, maneuverability, and glide, you should use an epoxy board.

On the other hand, the inflatable board is the perfect item for first term riders and works amazingly in all conditions. Since there are many inflatable models to choose from, we advise you to firstly read some reviews so that you can find the best paddle board for the most convenient price. The great thing about inflatable paddle boards is that they are very easy to store. The inflatable boards are perfect for people with less space because you can deflate it and put it anywhere, while the epoxy board must be stored in big spaces because they are bulky.

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